Netizens Praise Old Vendor Who Braved Flood Waters to Sell Vegetables to Stranded Families

A lot of families were stranded inside their homes when two typhoons entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) last week. Some areas were even inundated with waters so high it reached over 5 feet deep!

As always, we hear lots of stories about heroism of people coming from all walks of life.

But not all heroes save the lives of those drowning in the flood. There are also those who risk theirs to provide provisions for those stranded in their homes due to the rising waters.

One of these is an old vendor who caught netizens’ attention after his photo was posted by Pamzkie Luna on Facebook.

According to Luna, she was worried how they were going to get food because it was flooding outside their house but the answer came really fast when the vendor arrived to sell vegetables; however, while she was quite happy that they now have food, she also felt sad that this old vendor had to go through the flooded streets to sell vegetables to earn money.

Photo credit: Pamzkie Luna / Facebook

Of course, it was quite noble that this vendor had to do this, especially considering the dangers lurking in the flood waters. There could be hidden sharp objects or open canals and manholes on the streets.

For this, a lot of netizens expressed admiration for this old vendor whose name Luna wasn’t able to ask. We’re praying for his health.

A lot of people said this man was surely leagues better than the criminals who use poverty as an excuse to steal from hardworking people.

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