Netizens Can’t Over These Photos of a Strict-Looking Professor and His Adorable Dog

He might look strict and rather serious as he teaches history and political science to college students but one professor shows his soft side each time he brings his adorable dogs to class.

It all started when Twitter user @tinyxcrowns posted a snapshot of the teacher with his dog perched happily on his table in front of the classroom.

The Twitter user who was later identified as Tiara Jabutay shared, “Sir Enario brought his dog to class again.” Jabutay is a Mass Communication student at Silliman University in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Photo credit: Tiara Jabutay / Twitter – @tinyxcrowns

The photo created quite a stir in the community, with a lot of people commenting how cute it was that this professor balances his ‘boring’ subject matter with an adorable puppy. Others also made cute memes of the dog, calling it ‘The Real Teacher’s Pet’ or something similar.

But it seems that Twitter was wrong about the professor being strict and the subject matter being boring.

Photo credit: Tiara Jabutay / Twitter – @tinyxcrowns

My professor’s name is Victor Enario, and he’s known for bringing his dogs to his class every now and then. My tweet was during our Political Science 51 class. I was under him 2 years ago, in History 51, and he also brought dogs. Apart from that, many students like Sir Enario as a teacher because he’s really funny during class discussions,” Jabutay told When in Manila.

She added, “The dog he brought was a male Shih Tzu, currently nameless since he’s still a puppy. They haven’t figured out a name for him just yet.

Isn’t this cute?

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