Netizens Admire Hardworking ‘Candy Man’ for Selling Lollipop on Streets Despite Old Age

Recently, a post shared by All About the Philippines concerning an old man who was selling lollipops on the streets near Mc Donald’s San Fernando, Pampanga earned many views from netizens who admire the man for still working despite old age.
Some netizens shared the post which in a matter of few days has gone viral over the social media.
Photo : All About the Philippines
According to the post, the old man named Angelito Calingo, as he was fondly called “Lolo Lito” was a victim of robbery after some identified men came to their house and stole their money last week.
Unfortunately, the old man’s capital in selling candies were also taken by the ‘bad guys’.  That explains the reason why the old man was not seen for seven days in the place where he used to sell.
Photo : @kevhinzkie/Instagram
One day, a netizen saw Lolo Lito and said that he was already back selling candies. It was learned that he only borrowed money as his capital just to be able to sell again following the robbery incident. It was noted that he was sad after his money has been taken, however, he had shown courage in accepting what happened and was determined to work again to earn for his family.
Meanwhile, Lolo Lito was just thankful that the robbers did not hurt him and his wife.
Photo: GMA news

Netizens were amazed of Lolo Lito’s perseverance to work amid the fact that people his age should just be staying at home to rest and relax.  But for someone who still chooses to work in order to earn a living just like Lolo Lito, netizens cannot get enough of feeling compassionate towards this great man to the extent of even requesting for help from those willing to support him and any way possible.

Kudos to you, Lolo Lito!

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