“Ma, Pasensya Na Hindi Ko Naintindihan Na Kailangan Mong Mag-sakripisyo”, OFW’s Daughter Expresses Sentiments for Longing Motherly Love

One of the sacrifices that OFWs has to make is to leave their families and loved-ones in their search for a greener pasture in a foreign country.  However, aside from the loneliness and homesickness that they have to battle through when away, their children are those that are mostly affected as they long for love and attention while growing up.

Photo : The Filipino Times

A culinary student from STI College in Naga City named Elijah Faith Respicio expressed her sentiments as a daughter of an OFW who was left by their mother at a young age thru her piece as an entry to the Spoken Word Poetry competition held in their school in celebration of “Buwan ng Wika”.

Her emotional piece manifests a mixture of emotions from anger to love as she explained how hard it was for her in particular, to grow up without a mother by her side.

Photo : Elijah Faith Genorga Respicio/Facebook

According to Respicio, when her mother left, she was confused why she had to leave them.  She also felt lonely because they were growing without her and feeling empty because she missed the presence of her mother in many milestones of her life including birthdays, graduations and during PTA meetings and activities in school.

Moreover, she claimed that she was angry because it seemed like she was never loved by her mother at all.

Photo : Elijah Faith Respicio/Facebook

Here’s a part of her piece:

“Galit ako, oo, ma, galit na galit ako dahil sa araw-araw na nabubuhay ako ni minsan hindi ko naranasan na may nanay ako. Mahal mo ba talaga ako?”

“Ma, ang galing mong magpanggap. Sabi mo okay lang lahat. Ako naman, naniwala at nagpakasasa. Ma, pasensya na hindi ko naintindihan na kailangan mong mag-sakripisyo. Hindi mo kami iniwan dahil ‘yun ang gusto mo, iniwan mo kami dahil ‘yun ang kailangan.”

“Sila ang mga tunay na bayani na hindi kailangan ng itak, baril o kung ano pa mang sandata. Sila ang bayaning ang tanging baon lamang ay pagtitiwala, pagpupursigi, inspirasyon at pananalig.”

However, towards the end of her piece. Respicio said OFWs like her mom deserved to be called “modern day heroes” for all the sacrifices they’ve done for their families just to provide them with a better future. Heroes whose weapons are trust, perseverance, inspiration and faith in the Lord.

With a piece with such brilliant thoughts coming from her own experiences, Elijah was chosen as the school’s Spoken Word Poetry Champion.

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