Leonardo DiCaprio Posts Before/After Photos of Cleanup Efforts at a Philippine Beach

It is a sad reality in the Philippines that there are a lot of people who have no qualms at throwing their garbage anywhere and anytime they want to, leading to blockage of canals and drainage systems as well as pollution in the waterways.

Sadly, these trash items eventually make it to the ocean, harming the sea creatures and destroying the environment.

What’s worse, the trash even travels to areas where there are plenty of wildlife, even if these are not inhabited by people!

Photo credit: Earth Island PH

Famous actor and environment activist Leonardo DiCaprio recently posted before and after photos of cleanup efforts at a beach in the Philippines – and it’s not just embarrassing but also quite alarming because the said beach is on a barrier island with a mangrove forest where thousands of migratory birds live.

“Plastic or no plastic. Which do you prefer?

The Philippines is the 3rd biggest source of ocean plastic pollution. This beach near Manila is covered in cheap, disposable, single-use plastic. For over a week, Greenpeace volunteers cleaned it up to find out the companies responsible. Spot the difference?”

The post has gained much attention, gaining over 620k ‘likes’ on Instagram in just a day.

It came after Greenpeace tagged the Philippines as the third largest source of plastic ocean pollutants in the world, something that is quite shocking considering that the country is small in terms of land area.

The photos shared by DiCaprio were taken on Freedom Island, a man-made barrier island in Manila Bay. With its mangrove forest, the island is home to migratory birds but their habitat is threatened by the large volume of plastics on the beach.

Most of the plastics here come from the washed out garbage from Manila Bay as birds certainly don’t use these items!

Photo credit: Earth Island PH

Save Freedom Island Movement volunteers organized cleanup activities on the island. As shown on DiCaprio’s photos, the beach does look a lot more beautiful without the trash, right? If only we could keep it that way forever…

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