Happy Wife Posts About ‘Shopping Allowance’ from Husband Who’s Going Out with Friends, Receives Mixed Reactions from Netizens

If you’re husband’s going out with his friends and gives you a lot of money for shopping, how would you feel? Ecstatic, of course!

That’s exactly what happy wife Namieh Oya felt when her husband gave her a wad of cash and his card so she can go shopping while he’s out with some friends. She posted a photo of the money on Facebook and praised her generous husband – and the post quickly went viral!

Photo credit: Namieh Oya / Facebook

Her husband was going out with some old friends and former classmates for a reunion but because she doesn’t want to be left out or for the group to keep explaining things to her while they reminisce about the old days, she chose to stay behind.

So she wouldn’t be bored while she waited for him, he gave her a lot of money (estimated to be at least Php10,000 ($200) so she can go shopping and buy whatever she likes.

Photo credit: Namieh Oya / Facebook

This is heaven for most ladies, of course – and very few are lucky enough to enjoy this treat from their husbands but some netizens warn Namieh about this, saying she should be careful because her husband might actually be hiding a mistress and was just trying to keep her busy and distracted with shopping so he could meet up with the other woman.

While we can’t speak for Namieh’s husband, we agree with her update on the post that people in a relationship should trust and respect each other. Why start a fight about a perceived infidelity when you can trust your husband when he says he’s going to the reunion with his old friends?

Photo credit: Namieh Oya / Facebook

Namieh said her husband had asked her to go with him but when she refused, he gave her the money. Who would resist such a treat, anyway?

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