Girl Gets Pranked by Friends, Goes to KFC Wearing Just a Duster ‘Pambahay’ Dress

A girl has recently gone viral after going to a KFC store while wearing just a duster ‘pambahay’ dress, the term used by Filipinos to mean clothes used at home (bahay). It turned out her friends had pranked her.

In her post on Facebook, Sydney Eusebio shared some photos as well as her text conversation with her friends. She narrated how they invited to her to a ‘food trip’. When she told them she was just wearing a duster ‘pambahay’ dress, they told her it was alright.

Photo credit: Sydney Eusebio / Facebook

Thinking they were just going to eat some street food or snacks at a nearby carinderia, she didn’t bother going home to get dressed up as she was at her grandma’s house at the time – and something tells us they’ve done this before.

But when she met up with her friends, they didn’t go to the carinderia or the streetfood stall but actually went to KFC! LOL.

Photo credit: Sydney Eusebio / Facebook

Can you imagine going to a fastfood outlet or some other popular restaurant just wearing ‘pambahay’? Well, that might have been a bit alright if her friends were also wearing similar outfits but because they were in casual attire, she looked rather out of place with them and in that KFC store.

Photo credit: Sydney Eusebio / Facebook

Feeling a bit embarrassed, the downcast Sydney couldn’t help but pout as her friends took photos while they ordered food.

While taking the tray of food they bought to their table, Sydney lamented how she felt like a maid of her payday who was ready to go to the fastfood to celebrate even without changing her clothes.

Photo credit: Sydney Eusebio / Facebook

Because they wanted more gravy, her friends teased her to get more but she insisted they do it as the guard might ask her to get out, thinking she was some beggar trying to steal some gravy.

But she wasn’t really angry at her friends for the prank. She eventually warmed up to their prank and asked for a photo to be taken with their food, making up a joke caption to match the picture.

Photo credit: Sydney Eusebio / Facebook

“Ganito mga magandang maicaption eh “around 3:30pm kanina. Nakita nila ko sa may labas, Pinakain nila ko. Sobrang thankful po ako sa mga taong handang tumulong kagaya nila. Ngayon lang ako nakakain ng fries at flavor shots ba yun.” HAAHAHAHAHHA di ko talaga kinaya sumisigaw sa pagka light green eh no galet na galet ang daster.”

That was fun! Have you tried going to a restaurant or fastfood outlet while wearing pambahay?

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