Diligent Elementary Student Sells Snacks To Help Parents Send Him to School

Every child deserves to be given an education which became nowadays as a privilege instead of being a right because of financial constraints.  However, there are some resourceful individuals who chose to become working students just to sustain their needs in school.

All About the Philippines’ Facebook page had recently posted on social media, a picture and a video of a young boy, dressed in school uniform and assumed to be in elementary level while riding a jeepney with a tray of snacks which he was selling.

For this young boy, selling snacks was his way of earning a living which netizens greatly admire and applaud.

The boy was not identified but the public who were able to see the post praise the boy’s resourcefulness and has been moved by his positive attitude.  They thought that the boy was so industrious that even at his young age, he thought of finding a way to earn money for his needs which could possibly be for his family as well.

Photo : All About the Philippines/Facebook

The post earned various comments from the netizens which were all positive as they were all praises to the student.  Some of them said that the parents of the boy were so lucky to have him as their child and  should be proud that they were raising a responsible son.  However, some of them said that they felt sad seeing a scenario like this as it mirrors the economic condition of most Filipino families who are not financially stable.

One netizen also said that the government should look into these situations and should come up with a program to support the children of families who are financially incapable of sending their children to school.

Moreover, netizens were glad to see that there were still children like the student and prayed that the boy be blessed more for his effort and desire to help his parents and lighten up their financial burdens even a bit in his simplest unselfish way.


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