Canadian Tourist Cancels Tour Around the World, Donates Medical Equipment Worth Php1.2 Million to Philippine Hospital that Helped When He was Injured

A Canadian tourist who got injured during his trip to Coron, Palawan has canceled his plans to tour around the world, choosing to use the money to buy medical equipment for the hospital that saved his life and treated him well.

John Abou Samra went to Palawan last June for what he planned as the ‘vacation of the year’ but his happy trip turned into a mini nightmare when he was injured.

He had a great time in El Nido for a couple of days but his trip to Coron proved to be unlucky.

Photo credit: John Abou Samra / ABS-CBN News

I asked someone to take a picture of me, and then after she took picture, I moved to this side to sit down. While I moved, two of this wood, they split, and my right leg sank between them up to my hip. Until now I still have the pain,” Samra shared.

While he didn’t have wounds, his leg was filled with bruises and he was in so much pain.

He was taken to Coron District Hospital for treatment and x-ray the following day. Even though he was just there for 30 minutes, the hospital stay impressed him so much – especially the hospitality he received from the staff.

Two nurses took care of me in a way I could not imagine, plus in the half an hour I stayed in the hospital, I heard the word ‘sir’ more than 25 times. Even when I was wearing something very casual; I looked like a homeless person, they never stopped calling me sir,” he revealed.

The brief stay at Coron District Hospital left such a great impression on the tourist that when he got back to Canada, he canceled his plans on going on a world tour so he could use the money to donate much-needed medical equipment to the hospital!

Photo credit: John Abou Samra / ABS-CBN News

Samra who is a bus driver on Canada had planned to use his retirement money on a vacation around the world but he has communicated with the hospital to provide them with equipment they needed, planning on donating up to Php1.2 million on whatever the hospital asked him to buy.

After weeks of communicating with the hospital’s Dr. Edgardo Flores, Samra has already purchased the first batch of equipment, including an ECG and defibrillator. He’s planning on going back to Coron to personally and over the donations at the end of September.

Isn’t it amazing how a small act of kindness and showing compassion from the staff gained the hospital so much more than they could ever expect from a patient?

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