Beautiful Young Lady Drives Taxi after 70-Year-Old Driver Said He’s Too Sleepy to Drive Her Home

We’ve all had that moment when we are feeling too sleepy it’s hard to function and do anything at all because your eyes just want to close even if you try hard to stay awake. In most cases, it would really be best to just follow your body – especially if you are driving or operating machinery!

But what if you are a taxi driver in the middle of driving someone when you feel really sleepy? Of course, the answer would be to stop driving and let your passenger find another cab as you could both end up dead in an accident if you insist on driving.

The problem in that scenario is that most passengers would be furious!

A young lady recently went viral because when this happened to her, instead of getting angry, she decided to take the wheel! Can you believe that?

Photo credit: Cristina Tan / Facebook

Cristina Tan shared her rather unusual experience while commuting yesterday. She narrated that while on her way home, she and the driver had been talking about how he is already 70 years old and has been a taxi driver during the Marcos era. At his age, he should really be retired but because he has daughters to support, he is forced to continue working.

But after a while, the driver told her she has to get down and look for another taxi because they were still far from her destination but he was already feeling really sleepy.

Afraid that she might not find a taxi there or that something might happen to her if he dropped her off, she offered to drive the cab instead. The driver didn’t believe at first that she knows how to drive a manual transmission vehicle; moreover, he was feeling rather embarrassed that he was too sleepy to drive but she insisted.

According to Christina, just moments after they switched places, the driver fell asleep – and was even snoring! He was really tired. Poor old man.

Christina couldn’t resist taking a photo of herself as taxi driver while the real one was sleeping as her passenger. Several people tried to hail the cab and were quite surprised to see her on the wheel – we bet they had no idea she was actually the cab’s passenger!

Photo credit: Cristina Tan / Facebook

She later posted the photos on Facebook, feeling amused that she became a taxi driver even for just a short while.

The post garnered praise on Facebook, with a lot of people commenting that it was sweet of her to treat the old driver in this manner because she could have gotten angry and had every right to be because the driver shouldn’t have let her ride if he was already sleepy – perhaps he wasn’t sleepy when she rode the cab?