Arrogant Car Driver Nearly Causes Bus to Crash, Boasts He’s the Driver of a Congressman after Passengers Complained

Passengers of a bus that nearly crashed after getting cut off by a car decided to file a complaint at the police station against the arrogant motorist but they were rather disappointed by the seemingly indifferent response from the cops they had spoken to.

Posted on Facebook page All about the Philippines, one of the bus passengers narrated how the car with the plate number ‘8’ driven by Alfredo Musngi Morada cut off their bus as they were plying Sucat Bicutan skyway.

Because it nearly caused them to crash, the bus driver honked the horn as warning to the motorist but Morada took this rather badly. He began to slow down and block the bus, not allowing the larger vehicle to overtake or go to another lane.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

He would later let his arm out, flipping his middle finger at the bus driver.

When the bus driver stopped the vehicle, Morada also parked his car and went on the bus. His angry tirade against the bus driver was filled with expletives.

Photo credit: All about the Philippines / Facebook

Knowing that the bus driver did nothing wrong, many of the passengers defended him but this got the motorist angrier, telling them to keep quiet as he was trying to lecture the driver.

According to the post, Morada even hurt two of the passengers.

Because the car driver refused to settle the matter, even boasting that he’s the driver of a congressman who was actually riding the car at the time, the passengers decided to file a complaint against him at the police station.

Morada was taken by the skyway patrol to the Highway patrol group office Bicutan, Parañaque while the congressman drove himself home. They were told to file the complaint at police station in BF Homes, Parañaque but once they got there, the cops referred them to San Dionisio Police Station.

The highway patrol continued to escort the group to the third station but the bus passengers felt disappointed seeing the cops sleeping while on duty. The group would soon explain what happened to the cops after managing to awaken the officers but, sadly, were unable to find justice because Morada was released and no complaint was filed against him.

The bus passengers went home feeling defeated. They had sacrificed a couple of hours from their time to find justice for the bus driver and the two passengers but nothing happened. Most of them felt that they were unable to obtain justice because the arrogant motorist was the driver of a congressman. Do you agree?

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