Woman Returning to Empty Office to Get Her Laptop Finds ‘Ghost’ Sitting at Friend’s Work Space

Have you experienced strange things happening at your office or work place? Do you think there’s a ghost living there?

One woman finds a ‘ghost’ at their office one night when she went back to retrieve her laptop but this ghost turned out to be something she didn’t expect – but the photos would soon go viral on social media.

Photo credit: Clarisse Inao / Facebook

Clarisse Inao shared on social media how she had gone back to her office in Makati to get her laptop. The guard told her there was no one at the office but she could go there because the door was open.

Because she had long memorized the layout of their office, she didn’t turn on many lights. She noticed that one of work stations was occupied.

Seeing that the work station was that of her friend, Aian, she asked him why he was there and why the guard didn’t know he was around but he stayed silent. She teased him about being a workaholic but soon noticed that his computer was turned off!

Photo credit: Clarisse Inao / Facebook

Feeling a bit scared now but still trying to be brave, she called out to him and said, “Hoy, di mo ko matatakot excuse me lang ha!” She got really scared when he remained silent but she eventually summoned the courage to turn on the lights and check the work station – only to discover that Aian had played a prank and created this ‘worker’:

Photo credit: Clarisse Inao / Facebook

That was quite funny, right? If this happened to you, would you have investigated the work station? I’d actually run away as fast as I can!

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