Woman Casually Steals Remittance from Two Men, Surprises Netizens with Her Simple Tactics

With so many warnings on social media about scammers and thieves, you would think many are already aware of their modus operandi but two men and cashiers at a remittance center were scammed by a woman who actually used rather simple tactics to steal their money!

In the CCTV footage taken at the remittance center, two men could be seen entering while a woman follows closely behind. While the two gave their cellphones to the cashiers to claim their remittance, the woman talked to them.

Then, the two guys sat down while the woman remained standing, seemingly also doing her own transaction and sometimes talking to the men. She was the one who handed the guys their phones and was rather helpful with their transactions, without appearing suspicious.

Photo credit: GMA News / Facebook

The two guys were busy on their phones and looked grateful for this woman’s help but they were soon puzzled why the cashiers took a really long time giving them their money even when the ‘helpful’ woman had already left ahead of them. After all, she came after them but her transaction was completed first.

At first, the cashiers were also puzzled but they realized that the money was handed to the woman because they thought she was the men’s companion! In the CCTV footage, she had pocketed the two guys’ money and even waved goodbye to both before going on her way – who would have thought she wasn’t their companion, anyway?

The simple but effective modus operandi surprised many netizens who just couldn’t believe that it happened to these two guys and the cashiers. They were all too trusting of the woman and the cashiers assumed she was their companion.

Cops are still investigating the matter and are hoping netizens would help identify the scammer.

Watch this video to ensure this won’t happen to you:

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