Wife Goes Berserk after Seeing Husband with Mistress at Motel, Gets Mixed Reactions from Netizens

A woman who caught her husband and mistress at a motel in Koronadal City went berserk, attacking the other woman while her husband did his best to keep the two apart. But some netizens are bashing the wife for her actions, saying she shouldn’t have done that because her husband no longer loves her and that she should just take care of herself instead.

Myc Guianaton angrily shared the videos taken outside Jade Inn Lodge in Santa Cruz, Maribel, Koronadal City.

According to Guianaton, after learning that her husband is in the motel with his mistress, she and some friends rushed there to confront the two but the motel staff refused to let them in. So, they had to wait outside. It was soon apparent that the motel staff didn’t also tell the cheating couple about the angry wife waiting for their exit.

Screenshot from video by Myc Guianaton / Facebook

Guianaton and her friends didn’t have to wait a long time. When the lovers went out of the hotel, Guianaton rushed in and grabbed the mistress’ hair. She identified the woman in her Facebook page, saying her husband’s mistress is a teacher.

Guianaton’s husband did his best to keep the two women apart and was later successful in restraining his wife so his mistress could run away. The legal wife couldn’t do anything as the mistress ran off because her husband had a firm grip on her.

It is unknown whether Guianaton had plans to file legal action against the two but the mistress’ Facebook page has been inundated with hate posts from netizens who slammed her for being a home wrecker, especially considering that she’s a teacher.

Watch the videos and read Guianaton’s full posts where she identified the other woman: