WATCH: Racist LGBT Couple Tells Pinoy Who Burped in Public to Go Back to Filipinoville

Is burping in public a crime?

Apparently, it is for a same-sex couple who caught a Filipino man burping inside a supermarket chain in Quail Lakes Drive in Stockton, California. Hearing the Pinoy burp in public actually triggered the white couple to yell bigoted insults at him.


The incident was caught on camera and shared on Twitter by the victim himself, Angelo Cabuang. The short video clip showed the couple having an argument with Cabuang and his mom.

According to Cabuang, he was walking down the aisle of the supermarket when he  suddenly burped. This appears to have enraged the LGBT couple who suddenly yelled at him and made racist remarks against him.

“I literally burped at Save Mart and a racist couple reacted by calling us pigs and telling us to go back to Filipinoville,” Cabuang wrote in social media post.

While one netizen argued that the incident wouldn’t have happened if Cabuang said “excuse me” afterwards, Cabuang said he wasn’t actually given the chance.

“I wasn’t given the chance to say ‘excuse me’ and she shouldn’t have made rude/racist remarks over a simple burp,” Cabuang said in his defense.

Watch the video of the incident.

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