WATCH: P8-Burger Promo Causes Stampede in Various Malls

We all know how sales, promos, and discounts drive Filipinos crazy. In fact, mall-wide sales in various places in the Philippines often cause traffic congestion as shoppers storm malls hoping to get the bargain they’ve been waiting for.

Such is the case for a burger joint which offered P8- or 15 cents-burger for its first 80 customers on Monday, August 28. Several photos and videos of hundreds of hungry customers seizing malls have immediately gone viral on social media and even got featured on international websites.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Pauline Cabal Estrada

For its 8th anniversary, Zark’s Burger slashed nearly 95 percent from the original price of its Ultimate Burger, which is P145 or $2.84.

With that kind of deal, who wouldn’t want to bite it?

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Pauline Cabal Estrada

As soon as the mall doors were opened, customers were seen running, screaming, shoving, and pushing their way to get the highly coveted burgers. Some even climbed railings just to get their treat. As a result, the P8-burger promo caused stampede and total chaos.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Kent Pontivedra

Zark’s Burger later apologized for the inconvenience the promo caused its patrons and other mall shoppers.

Watch the videos:

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