Unhappiest Bunch of iPhone 7 Winners? Motel Announces Raffle Winners through Billboard

An iPhone 7 is undeniably one of the most coveted phones these days but because of its high price tag, many could only dream of winning one in some raffle.

Well, nine people recently won one iPhone 7 each but netizens are dubbing them as the unhappiest bunch of iPhone 7 winners after the establishment (a motel!) decided to announce the winners through a billboard! Ooooops.

Everyone knows that people go to motels like the well-known Victoria Court for one thing – and it’s certainly something that they don’t want to broadcast but when the motel had the raffle promo, they should have read the fine print before signing up because when they won, the motel actually had a billboard posted with the names clearly spelled out!

Photo credit: The News Journal PH

Some were lucky because only initials were posted but others really had their names spelled out.

Of course, they might say that the ones on the billboard just had similar names as they had but it’s still quite hilarious (and certainly very embarrassing!) to have your name shown on a billboard for winning an iPhone 7 after checking in at a motel, right?

Photo credit: The News Journal PH

Still, an iPhone 7 is a great phone. We’re willing to bet these folks claimed theirs; although we’re also sure they wished the winners weren’t announced in that manner!