Taxi Driver Asks Passenger to Add Php200 to Fare, Blames Enforcer for ‘Pinning Down’ Poor People Like Him after He was Caught

Everyone who has ever tried commuting in big cities like Manila know that while there are good taxi drivers, most are rude and want you to add to your fare especially if you have to go to a far destination. Many would refuse to give a ride to passengers going to a far destination that passes through a traffic congested route.

Of course, they are not supposed to refuse passengers but many of them believe they have the right to do so because they are just trying to make a living.

One taxi driver who felt entitled to a Php200-additional fare got reported by a commuter who asked him to take her to Antipolo. According to the driver, he wouldn’t take her there unless she gives him an addition Php200 on top of the meter reading, mainly because the destination was far and he surely wouldn’t have passengers on his way back.

Screenshot from video by Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

When the commuter told him they should just use the meter, he refused to let her ride; she reported him to the authorities but when the enforcer arrived, he actually had the audacity to blame the enforcer for ‘pinning down’ poor people like him who are just trying to make a living.

He was told that he shouldn’t refuse passengers and ask for an additional payment on top of the metered fare but he continued to defend his side.

The confrontation was caught on camera and later posted on social media where it would quickly go viral, with people commenting that they’ve had similar experiences in the past. Many expressed happiness that Uber is back, saying they have finally breathed a sigh of relief because they wouldn’t have to deal with taxi drivers like this one again…

Many netizens pointed out, however, that while the driver refused to bring the old lady to Antipolo, the side of his taxi shows a very ironic announcement, “Antipolo to any part of Luzon”! Ooooooops.

Screenshot from video by Matalinong Matsing / Facebook

Quite surprisingly, however, there were also many who took the driver’s side in the issue and told the old lady she should just have agreed to the Php200 addition in the fare because taxi drivers aren’t rich and just as the man claimed, it might really be difficult for him to find passengers from there.

These people were slammed by others who believe these abusive taxi drivers continue to exist because of gullible ones who believe such excuses.

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