Proud Son Commends Dedicated Teacher Mom Who Sleeps on Chairs During Breaks to Regain Strength After Tedious Workload

Being a teacher is considered a noble profession. But the sad truth is, often times, people seem to forget how important they are in the society.

Considered as second parents in school, teachers play a vital role in molding their students to become responsible, independent, knowledgeable, and reliable persons in the community. They can also be the considered pillars of success of an individual because they are not merely educators, they also help parents build a good foundation among their children through values, discipline and admirable personality.

A Facebook post of a certain EJ Tayag has caught the attention of the netizens as he gave praises and expressed his admiration to a teacher who he said sleeps on chairs during breaks because of a very tiring, busy day in school.

Actually, the teacher he was referring to was his mom. She is Mrs. Jhonas Macalino Tayag.

Photo : EJ Tayag/Facebook

According to Tayag’s post, he admires his mother as a teacher who devotes most of her time in her teaching profession. During breaks, instead of going home to have her meals, his mother would opt to stay in school, eat there, and spend the remaining minutes of her break, sleeping on chairs which she puts together so she would fit in.

Tayag said his mother needs to take a nap during breaks because she doesn’t have a complete rest and sleep in their home for she spends most of the time at night doing her lesson plans, reports and  computing the grades of her students.

Photo : EJ Tayag/Facebook

He said he pity his mother for all the sacrifices she was doing for her profession. But more than that, he said he is so proud of having a mother who is  hardworking and a devoted teacher.

He also shared his disappointment in seeing some students who do not respect their teachers, saying, there should also be a law to protect the teachers from rude students.

Tayag’s post earned positive comments from the netizens as they expressed their  admiration to his mother.  They commended Mrs. Jhonas Tayag for her commitment and dedication and at the same time, thanked  EJ for his post in acknowledging the efforts of his teacher mother.

A salute to all the teachers for their noble profession and whose minds are geared towards producing competent, competitive and successful individuals in the future!

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