Poor Dad Looking for a Noble Way to Feed Family, Cleans Up at KFC Outlet to Bring Leftovers Home

Life can really be hard these days, especially to those who do not have jobs but have families to feed. But there are those who still find a way to feed their families in a noble way, even if it means going beyond what society expects to be as ‘normal’.

Take for example this poor dad who was photographed while he cleaned up tables at a KFC outlet in Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City in southern Philippines. According to netizen Francis Adrian Cornilla Agrabio, they were dining at the fastfood outlet last July 30 at around 3PM when they noticed this old man clearing the tables.

Photo credit: Francis Adrian Cornilla Agrabio / Facebook

Seeing that the old man wasn’t wearing KFC crew uniform but a red t-shirt and red cap, Agrabio was curious why he was doing this. He would later hear another diner ask the old man what he was doing and learned that it was his job to clear up the tables. In turn, he would get the leftover food from KFC’s kitchen at the end of the day as his payment.

While it was certainly unconventional, it was a noble job – and this not only kept him out of the streets but also ensured that he had some food to bring his family.

Photo credit: Francis Adrian Cornilla Agrabio / Facebook

A lot of netizens greatly admired the old man for doing this; although others were concerned about his rights, saying he should also be paid wages for what he’s doing and not just getting the outlet’s leftover food.

But this was certainly a win-win situation for the old man and the KFC outlet, right? Or do you think he should be paid for what he’s doing?