Pinoy Guy Suffers Amnesia Due to Brain Condition, Becomes Real Life Version of “50 First Dates”

Cute as it might seem on the screen, the movie “50 First Dates” seems to be too farfetched to happen in real life, right? After all, it’s quite crazy to think how Drew Barrymore’s character always forgets meeting Adam Sandler’s character, making it extra hard for him to make her fall in love because she couldn’t remember a thing as her memory ‘resets’ each day, back to the day before she met an accident.

But as crazy as the movie might sound, a similar thing is actually happening in real life – and this story is set in the Philippines.

Last December 2016, Pio Pamintuan was diagnosed with encephalitis, a condition that greatly affected the part of his brain responsible for storing memories. Because of this, he experienced memory lapses so bad that he could no longer recall his parents’ names!

Photo credit: Pio Pamintuan / Facebook – PEP

Despite what happened, Pio’s girlfriend Kristine stuck by his side and continued to love him even if he forgets about her at times.

Hindi niya na ako kilala. Hindi niya na alam na buntis ako. So paulit-ulit ‘yun. Paulit-ulit kong pinapaalala sa kaniya. Gumawa ako ng notebook. Nag-jot down ako ng mga nangyayari sa amin,” Kristine recalled – and this does sound like the movie, right?

Two months after he was diagnosed with the brain condition, Pio decided to propose to Kristine knowing that she’s “the one”, considering that she patiently reminds him about their relationship each time he forgets about her.

Confined at the hospital at the time, he had no means of buying her a ring or getting something fancy; thus, he took a plastic heart from a gift tag stick on a flower bouquet to create a makeshift ring for his beloved.

Photo credit: Pio Pamintuan / Facebook – PEP

I wondered to myself if she can accept me for what I had and love me for who I was,” Pio revealed.

But he summoned the courage to propose, “With the words ‘God gave me a 3rd chance at life, I promise to love u everyday and to live my life to make you happy.

Kristine said “yes” and accepted the ring but was laughing so hard that Pio was quite puzzled. As he slid the ring on her finger, he found another one there! She told him he had actually proposed to her already in Olongapo – and it saddened him that he couldn’t even recall how it happened.

She patiently shared our story of how we met for the hundredth time and how I proposed,” Pio said.

Realizing she really is the one for him and that she’s willing to put up with his memory lapses just like “50 First Dates”, Pio took her to the altar in May. The couple now have a son.

Photo credit: Pio Pamintuan / Facebook – PEP

Of course, there’s always this possibility he would forget he’s married and has a kid! But it’s a bittersweet challenge both are willing to accept and hurdle together…

What can you say about their love story?

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