Pinay Praised for Keeping Her Cool, Remaining Courteous Despite Rude Rants by Chinese Woman in Hong Kong Bus

A Pinay working in Hong Kong experienced discrimination on a bus from a Chinese woman who yelled at her and called her names but when she kept her calm and remained courteous, netizens greatly admired her.

Angela Sentillas Pasco shared on Facebook how the Chinese woman had been sitting with her bag on the seat when she got on the bus. The woman refused to move her bag, giving Pasco little space to sit on; her reason for refusing was that the Pinay was ‘fat’.

Photo credit: Angela Sentillas Pasco / Facebook

She kept yelling at Pasco in Chinese but the Pinay pretended she couldn’t understand the language, asking her to speak in English. But the woman continued to rant, rudely calling her names and telling her she’s fat.

The woman also called her a slave in Hong Kong and would later laugh at her old model iPhone, bragging that hers was the latest Android model.

For several minutes, the woman shouted at Pasco but she remained calm. She would later take a video of the incident, getting tired of hearing the woman rant. Despite Pasco not engaging her angry rants, the Chinese woman continued shouting so that another passenger would soon interfere and tell her to keep quiet.

Photo credit: Angela Sentillas Pasco / Facebook

Angry that someone butted in, the woman engaged the other person in a shouting match but eventually kept quiet when the other woman told her they were in public and should stop being noisy.

Check out this video and be amazed by the Pinay’s courteous way of dealing with the situation:

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