OFW Endures Hardships of His Job to Support Family, Only to Discover His Wife having an Affair in Surprise Homecoming

What would you do if you discover your spouse cheating on you while you worked far away to support the family?

This true-to-life situation was brought into life by a video that has gone viral on Facebook, gaining over 3.1 million views just a day after it was posted by Camella Homes’ official FB page.

The clip started with the OFW riding a taxi after arriving at the airport to surprise his wife and son in an unexpected homecoming. Along the way, the man reminisced the challenges he had to endure abroad just to support his family, revealing that despite the hardships, he remained strong and never lost hope.

Screenshot from video by Camella (Official) – Facebook

Even with the difficult things he had to endure at his work, he drew strength from his wife and son. During the most trying times, he would look at their picture and he would feel better. He knew that he had to endure all these for his family’s brighter future.

He accepted his boss’ harsh words even if he was publicly shamed for making a mistake at work because he valued his job and wanted to keep it so he can support his family – and a lot of people can certainly relate with this.

Screenshot from video by Camella (Official) – Facebook

When his contract finally ended, he was excited to get back home and be with his family once more. He was so excited that he decided to surprise them; little did he know that he would be the one to be greatly surprised!

He arrived at their home and saw his son playing in the living room. Moments later, his wife would come out and was surprised to see him at the door – but his happiness turned to shock when another man came out of the room to kiss his wife. What’s worse is that their son was calling this man as ‘Dad’!

Screenshot from video by Camella (Official) – Facebook

Watch this heart-wrenching video to see how this OFW handled the situation:

While many would attack the cheating couple, this OFW realized this would just alienate him more in his son’s eyes, especially because the boy considers this man as his dad. The OFW decided to just move on.

Of course, the outcome was just a scripted thing because this was an ad for Camella Homes who was banking on ‘new beginnings’ as its new tagline but the story has happened to many OFWs that it touched a nerve in the community.

If this happened to you, what would you have done?

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