OFW Discovers Fiance Cheating with Her Long-Time Best Friend

How would you feel if you discover that your fiance had been cheating on you with your long-time best friend? How would you deal with such heartbreaking betrayal?

Apparently, this is something an OFW had to deal with when she returned to the Philippines. An OFW in Dubai, Veronica Jhane Enriquez maintained a long distance relationship (LDR) with her fiancé, who worked in Qatar. Because they already have a daughter to support, the couple had to endure the hardships of being away from each other to secure their family’s future.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Balitang Pinoy

But just like many couples in LDR, Enriquez and her fiancé encountered problems. Enriquez said she was very honest about the mistakes she committed in the past.

“Super daming temptation but I stayed honest with him. May nagawang kasalanan pero I told him the truth, I never fed him with lies,” she wrote in her Facebook post.

Wanting to save their relationship, Enriquez decided to go back to the Philippines to reconcile with her ex fiancé. Unfortunately, her former fiance wasn’t interested in patching things up in their relationship because he already found someone- Enriquez’ best friend of 12 years.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Balitang Pinoy

Unaware of what was happening between her former finance and her best friend, she didn’t mind that the two were staying under the same roof the whole time that she was in the Philippines. Enriquez even slept over at her best friend’s house in one occasion.

“I made her NINANG sa anak ko, para tumayo syang pangalawang ina sa anak ko. Yun pala ginalingan ni bes at tumayong Pangalawang asawa rin sa ex fiance ko. “Kaya pang ayusin eh” they said, pero ung ex bf ko umaayaw na because may nag susulsol na pala para hiwalayan na talaga,” Enriquez added.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Balitang Pinoy

Although Enriquez’ daughter already revealed her father’s relationship with her godmother, Enriquez initially refused to believe it. It took her sometime to realize that the two important people in her life actually managed to betray her.

“Pag uwi nila bungad ng anak ko “mommy si ninang camille gf ni daddy” Tumawa lang ako, kasi who wouldve thought? BES ko un eh di nya magagawa yun. Pero sabi nga nila always expect the unexpected. nevertheless thank you so much for showing me your true colors. Di kayo worth it. And nag papasalamat ako sa lahat ng taong nag mamahal sakin? enough na yun. Yoko na ng presence nyo sa buhay namin.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Balitang Pinoy


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