Netizens Slam 62-Year-Old Dad for Kissing 15-Year-Old Daughter on the Lips at Her Birthday Party

It was his daughter’s fifteenth birthday; thus, 62-year-old Chinese actor Joseph Lee celebrated the moment and showed the world how much he loves her by posting a photo of them kissing each other on the lips — but social media would soon be abuzz with hate, slamming the father for what they perceived was a ‘lewd’ action!

I don’t think you should kiss your daughter like that. Males and females should be treated differently after all,” a netizen commented on Lee’s post.

A lot of people also agreed with this netizen, telling the actor that kissing on the lips should be an act restricted to lovers; therefore, even parents should not be doing it to their children, especially kids who are already grown up or in their teens.

Do you agree with these netizens?

Photo credit: The News Journal PH

Well, while this was a rather popular response to Lee’s photo with his daughter, other netizens actually see nothing wrong with the picture. In fact, many aslo defended Lee and told the other netizens to stop criticizing the proud and loving father because he was really just showing his love to his daughter, with no sexual undertones at all!

In short, this photo was just the picture of pure love between a father and his daughter, never mind that she’s already 15 years old!

But do you think Lee should stop kissing his daughter in the lips from now on?

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