Man Who Lost Everything to Wife’s Gambling, Lives with 2-Year-Old Son at Jollibee Store

Can you imagine losing everything you own and living in the streets with a 2-year-old child? Yes, it’s something that is very difficult to imagine – but it is a reality faced by Daniel Amit and his son, Charles, who has been living for over 6 months at a Jollibee store in Cubao after he lost everything to his wife’s gambling.

Their story was shared on social media by netizen Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo who was shocked to discover that they were practically living at the store. We do commend the store management for not kicking them away…

Photo credit: Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo / Facebook

According to Ocampo, he had been hanging out at the Jollibee outlet for some nights as he was new to the area when he noticed the pair sleeping at the store. At first, he thought that the two were waiting for somebody but when he saw them again the following night, he was puzzled.

So as not to embarrass the father, Ocampo bought a meal for the two but had the crew secretly serve it to them without telling from whom it was from.

Photo credit: Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo / Facebook

On his third night at the store, he was truly shocked to find the two still there that he bought extra food again and personally brought it to them so he could ask what was happening.

Photo credit: Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo / Facebook

Ocampo learned that Amit previously had a thriving business selling barbecue in Cubao but would later lose his savings and got kicked out of their rented house when his wife got addicted to gambling.

His wife would leave him and their son after they went homeless. Sadly, when Amit tried to return to his parents to seek help, he was turned away and reminded of his choice to marry the woman despite being told not to.

Photo credit: Jerrico Punzalan Ocampo / Facebook

Seeing that Amit couldn’t get help from his own family, Ocampo and his friends stepped in to help get him a means to earn money as well as find a home for him and baby Charles. Ocampo hopes that his Facebook friends would also help out the two so they could get them a home before baby Charles turns 2 years old this September 25.

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