Man from Qatar Who Speaks in Filipino Gives Thanks to Pinay Nanny, Considers Her His Second Mother

It could not be denied that millions of Filipinas have served as nannies and domestic helpers in a lot of places in the world over the years. While there have been a number who experienced *****, many were also treated as family and have actually enjoyed their work in these households for many years.

One of these is Liz de Leon who worked in Qatar for over 20 years. While she had stopped being a nanny to finally spend time with her kids in the Philippines since 2011, the children she had cared for in Qatar didn’t forget about her – especially Nasser al-Naama who treats her like his second mother!

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho / YouTube

Known as Yaya Zubaidah to the family, Liz worked for them since 1986 and became close with the family’s children Nasser, Mohammad, MakDim, and Aysha; however, it was Nasser who really became very close with her.

Thanks to Liz, Nasser and the other children are fluent in Filipino! Nasser also admits that he loves Filipino food, with his favorite being mangoes with bagoong.

Now grown up and working as writer for Qatar Living, Nasser has not forgotten about his nanny.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho / YouTube

Recently, he created a video to express his thanks to Yaya Zubaidah (Liz) whom he considers to be his second mom. He revealed that she became his confidante while growing up, sharing secrets he didn’t tell his mother. He truly loved her and didn’t think of her as ‘just’ his nanny.

The video would go viral, reaching Liz who was quite surprised and thankful that Nasser hasn’t forgotten her after all these years.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho / YouTube

Through “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho”, Nasser and Liz were able to connect via Skype – and the online meeting was so emotional that Nasser couldn’t help but cry as he spoke with his beloved second mother…


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