LOOK: Was this missing boy turned into a Maute child warrior?

“Lukso ng dugo”, a Filipino term used to describe a feeling of strong connection with someone you just saw or met, was what Rowhanisa Abdul Jabar felt after seeing the photo of a child warrior of the Maute terror group.

Jabar is seeking the help of netizens for information about a Maute child warrior who resembles her son, who had gone missing for the last 7 years. Her son Ram-ram Abdul Jabbar Cabugatan was only three years old when he suddenly disappeared from their home in Tondo, Manila on July 4, 2010.

PHOTO CREDIT: Pinoy Tambayan

Jabar believes that her former neighbor Sittie Melva conspired with her househelp Ula Arada to kidnap Ram-ram. While Arada is already serving her sentence in prison, her alleged Tausug accomplices remain at large.

After seeing a photo of the child soldier who bears resemblance with Ram-ram, she decided to ask the help of netizens in order to identify him.

“Siya na nga ba ‘yan? Kasi aka bilang isang ina, na nalayo nang almost 8 years and anak, hindi ko na po makilala, except sa sinasabi nila na lukso ng dugo. Sa murang edad niya, hindi dapat siya nagkakaganyan. Sana may magandang siyang kinakaharap sa ngayon, kung hindi siya nahiwalay sa akin,” Jabar wrote in a Facebook post that circulated among Marawi residents.

Hoping to be reunited with her son, Jabar has already offered P100,000 reward for information that would lead her back to Ram-ram.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/This Kid is Missing

“Ang hirap hirap po talaga, ang ganitong sitwasyon na mawalan ka ng anak sa hindi maipaliwanag na dahilan. Muli po ako aasa na makita ko pa siya at makasama ko hanggang sa muli, Ramkoy!”

The Maute terrorist group, which is responsible for the recent war that destroyed Marawi City and displaced 600,000 residents of Lanao del Sur, is believed to be recruiting child warriors. A former child soldier revealed in an interview with Rappler that they were trained in Butig, matriarch Farhana Maute’s hometown.

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