LOOK: Transwomen End Up With Botched Faces After Getting P500- Injectable Fillers

What’s the price of beauty?

For three transwomen living in Cabadbaran, Agusan del Norte, P500 was enough to enhance their looks. However, they ended up paying a big price after their faces got botched and damaged from a cheap beauty treatment.

PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Since 2009, Alvina Bernardes, Maui Cababao, and Niña Lavadia had to endure condemnation from the public because of their life-changing decision. They’ve been called names, discriminated, and sometimes ostracized.

Apparently, the three friends ended up having botched faces after getting a P500 cheek treatment from a certain Janet. Alvina, who was the first to get the treatment, decided to get the treatment because it was way cheaper compared to treatments from doctors which normally cost around P20,000 to P50,000. She was injected with liquified petroleum jelly on several parts of her face.

PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

Initially, the results were positive. Alvina’s looks was really enhanced by the cheap treatment. This prompted her pals Maui and Niña to get the same treatment.

But after a few months, the negative effects of the injectable fillers began showing on their faces. For years, they suffered the consequences of the cheap and unsafe beauty treatment. To make matters worse, Janet can no longer be found.

PHOTO CREDIT: YouTube/GMA Public Affairs

According to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Henry Claraval, petroleum jelly should not be used as a filler since it is extremely dangerous and is rejected by our bodies.

“Pag ka makita niyo sa kanyang lalagyan nakalagay for external use only at hindi ito dapat iniinject sa mukha ng isang tao dahil lubha itong delikado. Hindi ito tinatanggap ng ating katawan at kadalasan ang katawan naten ay kino-consider ito na isang foreign body,” Dr. Claraval told Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.

Luckily, a group of netizens decided to help and raise funds for the corrective surgeries of the three transwomen. After getting enough funds, the three finally received the corrective treatment they needed in a licensed surgery clinic in Manila.

While still recovering, the three transwomen are hopeful that the surgery would not only fix their faces, but also their lives.

Watch their story.

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