Kindhearted Girl Helps Poor Mother with Dying Son Refused by Hospital in Batangas, Later Discovers It’s a Scam

Everyone knows how difficult it can be when someone gets sick in the family – especially if that someone is a child and you don’t have money to bring him to the hospital or buy his medicines. But one mother, it seems, has no qualms of pretending her son is sick so she could collect money from kindhearted people.

A young lady named Juvy Anne Javier shared how she was on her way to the office one day when a mother carrying a toddler boarded the jeep near JP Rizal Hospital. She immediately noticed that the woman had been crying for some time because her eyes were red and puffy.

As the woman stared hard at the coins on her hand before giving it to the driver, telling him to drop them at Batangas Regional Hospital, Javier felt curious and somewhat puzzled because the woman had come from a hospital.

Photo credit: Juvy Anne Javier / Facebook

Seeing that the woman kept crying and hugging her baby, Javier decided to ask what happened. The woman told her they spent the night at JP Rizal Hospital but because the hospital did not have a CT scan facility, they were told to head to Batangas Regional Hospital or else, the boy would die. But because they had no money, the woman felt afraid that her son would die.

According to the woman, the kid had fallen down the stairs, hitting his head on the pavement. Seeing that the child did have some bruises and cuts, Javier looked at her own wallet. Even if she only had money for fare, she decided to just give it to the woman and call her dad to pick her up after work.

But after Javier posted the woman’s photo on social media, it would go viral not because many felt compassion but because there were many who commented that they had also given that same woman some money in previous weeks – and she had the same story!

Screenshot of post by Gov. Ramil Hernandez / Facebook

Learning about the viral post, Gov. Ramil Hernandez posted on Facebook a warning against the woman so his constituents would no longer give her money as this was reportedly a modus operandi used by scammers to get money from unsuspecting people who take pity on their sob story. After all, who wouldn’t want to help a sick, dying kid?

It’s just sad that this woman is using this boy to earn money in a dishonest way. We just hope that she won’t be like the boy who cried wolf…

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