Kindhearted Girl Hears 77-Year-Old Ice Cream Man Say He Wants to ‘Rest’, Comes Back with Things He Wished For

At 77 years old, Marciano “Mario” Ricardo Jr. still sells ice cream in the streets, walking from Malabon to Divisoria (around 10 km) to sell his goods and earning around Php150 to Php200 per day.

But at his age, he already feels tired of the long walk he takes each day, especially because his rheumatism often strikes and leaves him in pain.

One rainy day, he was talking to a friend at Divisoria about how he hasn’t eaten yet and how his body aches from rheumatism when a kindhearted girl heard the conversation. This would soon pave the way for Tatay Mario to find a way to ‘retire’ from selling ice cream.

Photo credit: Joanna Marie Armas Adviento / Facebook

Joanna Marie Armas Adviento was waiting for the rain to stop when she heard Tatay Mario talking. She offered him some bread and coffee which he gladly accepted. While talking with the old man, she learned that he wished he could stop selling ice cream because he wants to take a ‘rest’ as he was getting tired of the job.

Photo credit: Joanna Marie Armas Adviento / Facebook

Someone had advised him to go to the home for the aged being run by nuns but he prefers to live with his child and just sell some fishball outside their rented home in Malabon. Hearing this, Joanna offered to help. She promised to provide him with the things he needed when she gets back some days later.

Clearly happy over this promise, Tatay Mario offered her some ice cream.

Photo credit: Joanna Marie Armas Adviento / Facebook

Days later, Joanna came back with the goods she promised to Tatay Mario. They gave him a gas stove, some pots and pans, as well as some packs of fishball so he could start selling immediately. Since he doesn’t have a fridge at home, they only brought a few packs but gave him some money as capital for his business.

Photo credit: Joanna Marie Armas Adviento / Facebook

A lot of netizens praised the young lady for her actions, saying this was truly a good deed because instead of just taking the old man’s picture and making it go viral on social media, she personally went out of her way to help him out.

Good job, Joanna!

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