Kids Receive Cute Marble-Like Toy from Stranger, Get Hurt from Metal Shards after Object Explodes

No matter how many times we warn kids about not talking to strangers and accepting any ‘gift’ from them, kids are curious and find it difficult to resist cute objects. But one netizen shared the story of how her brother got hurt after accepting a cute gift from a stranger – because the toy turned out to be a pillbox!

In a post that has since gone viral on Facebook, netizen Anne Laurina II shared how her brother and his friends received a marble-like object from a stranger while they were playing in F. De Castro, Cavite.

Thinking it was a cute toy, the boys accepted the thing and played with it. Little did they know that it would nearly kill them all!

Photo credit: Anne Laurina II / Facebook

While playing, the boys accidentally dropped the object which turned out to be a pillbox. It exploded, with the sound similar to that of a gunshot, Laurina revealed. The boys were wounded.

Laurina’s brother was seriously wounded, receiving deep gashes that contained a lot of metal shards from the pillbox. One of the shards even got embedded on his bone. Poor kid.

Photo credit: Anne Laurina II / Facebook

Thankfully, no major organs were hit and Laurina’s brother is out of danger now but she hopes the experience would serve as warning for other kids to never accept anything from strangers, no matter how cute and interesting the object might be.

Photo credit: Anne Laurina II / Facebook

Laurina also hopes parents and guardians would repeatedly warn their children against the dangers of talking to strangers and receiving enticing ‘gifts’ that could actually endanger their lives.

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