Job Applicant Wearing Slippers to Office Receives Help from Kindhearted Guard Who Lent Him Shoes

When applying for a job, it is always best to look presentable – and more often than not, it is better to be overdressed than to be underdressed, especially if you are applying at an office.

But it is also a reality in life that not everyone can afford to buy the proper attire they need to get a good impression and land a job. Many can’t even afford to buy shoes! Thankfully, there are angels who are ready to help – such as the guard of the establishment, perhaps?

Recently, a security guard has gone viral for going out of his way to help a job applicant even if he does not know the guy personally.

Photo credit: Headlines SA PINAS. – Facebook / BT News Flash

Another job applicant witnessed the entire exchange and greatly admired the guard so much that this person snapped a couple of photos to post on social media. As expected, the story went viral!

Shared by Facebook page Headlines SA PINAS., this job applicant narrated that the other applicant arrived at the company and told the guard that he was there to pass his medical requirements. Because the company implements a dress code, the guy could not enter the facility because he was just wearing slippers.

Now, it’s unfair to judge the job applicant for wearing slippers because it is quite possible that he might not actually own a pair or was just assuming he could get away with wearing slippers because he was only there to pass his requirements but whatever his reason, the guard did not even bother ask.

Of course, he could have easily turned the guy away and let him come back when he’s wearing the right outfit but this kindhearted guard knows that this would be too much hassle for the job applicant and could mean spending money for fare (and possibly for shoes!) which he might not even have!

Photo credit: Headlines SA PINAS. – Facebook / BT News Flash

So, instead of turning the job applicant away, this guard readily offered to lend him his shoes. He quickly took off his shoes, gave it to the young man, and went back to his post wearing the guy’s slippers!

It was such a sweet, noble gesture that netizens praised the guard for his admirable action and for going out of his way so this young man will have better chances of landing the job.

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