Jeepney Driver’s Cheesy Conversation with Passenger Goes Viral, But Some Netizens Think He’s Creepy

Have you ever experienced being the only one left in the bus, jeep, or some other public transportation? It can be a rather uneasy experience, especially to a woman but one driver had made the ride less boring by talking to his last passenger of the day – but some netizens think the driver was rather creepy…

In the post shared by Filipino Vines, credited to Facebook page Usapang Lalake, a woman narrates her conversation with the driver as she was the last one on his jeep.

At first, he asked whether she was tired but he later explained that he didn’t mean physically tired but tired of being alone. When the passenger didn’t answer but only smiled, he went on to tell her he was tired.

Again, he didn’t mean physically tired but tired of hoping he would get more passengers so his jeep would be full. LOL. It was cheesy but the ‘hugot’ line had her smiling.

Then, he returned her fare and asked where her home is so he could bring her there.

Photo credit: Filipino Vines / Facebook

Now, the silly conversation had netizens smiling, especially because the driver supposedly told his passenger that guys feel like millionaires when they make a girl smile. It was endearing and sweet but a lot of netizens also thought this was rather creepy and that, if they were in this woman’s place, the moment the driver asks his cheesy questions, they would immediately get off the jeep!

Read the actual conversation and tell us what you think:

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