Heartwarming Love Story of Real-Life “Tonyo” and “Lea” Wins Hearts of Netizens

Dubbed as the real-life “Tonyo” and “Lea”, RG and Jessel Sayson have a love story fit for the screen. Similar to the character of Lea in the blockbuster indie film “Kita Kita”, Jessel is visually impaired but was able to find and experience true love.

Back in 2014, RG and Jessel had a chance encounter in the former’s office. Although they didn’t leave lasting impressions during their first meeting, the two soon found themselves attracted to each other.


In his interview with Rated K, RG said: “Yung una kong impression sa kanya wala. Pero the second time that I saw her, nakita ko na parang mabait siya, parang may gusto siyang gawin sa buhay.”

RG, just like “Tonyo”, tried to win Jessel’s heart in all ways he could. His efforts paid off as they eventually became a couple after three months of courtship. Similar to Kita Kita’s heartwarming story, RG served as Jessel’s guide.

However, the couple encountered a bump in their relationship a few months before their planned wedding in 2017. Jessel feared that RG’s feelings would change if she bears a child with a condition similar to hers.


“Naisip ko paano kapag nagka-anak kami tapos nagaan sa akin yung anak namin. Mamahalin pa ba niya ako, talaga?” Jessel said.

All her doubts were erased as RG proved to her his true intentions. The couple eventually tied the knot in that same year and are just waiting to have kids of their own.

Although Jessel couldn’t see, she found what many couldn’t find- her one true love.


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