Girl Regularly Gets Free Food from Kind Fastfood Staff, Saves Some to Give Her Mother

It is no secret that stores keep a tight inventory of their products and supplies but they do offer some allowance for staff; for example, there are a lot of fastfood outlets that provide their employees with free food.

While the employees are the ones entitled to the free food, there are times when they share this with the less fortunate ones. Take for example a branch of Chowking in North Ave, Quezon City whose staff regularly gives food to a girl who sells sampaguita in the streets.

Netizen Joy Chiong shares how she and her friends discovered this and were so impressed that she posted the story on social media.

Photo credit: Facebook / Joy Chiong

According to Chiong, they were in line at the Chowking store when she spotted a young sampaguita vendor get inside and sit at one of the empty chairs. She expected the store employees to make the girl go out yet the opposite thing happened, with the manager personally giving the girl some food!

One diner (the lady using a backpack in the picture) gave the young girl some money so she can buy rice. Then, when the kid went to the counter, the manager told her to wait because she will give her an egg.

Photo credit: Facebook / Joy Chiong

Curious, Chiong asked the kid about it and was told that the child was actually a regular at the store whose manager often gives her rice and egg which she would eat there. The child admitted that she does not consume all the food because she brings it for her mother.

Photo credit: Facebook / Joy Chiong

Upon hearing this and seeing that the girl was still wearing her school uniform skirt, Chiong shared the story on social media in hopes that it would go viral so that the kid can receive some financial assistance from the fastfood chain for her to complete her studies.

Watch this video and tell us whether you agree with Chiong:

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