Friends Riding a Jeepney Get Slapped With a Slipper by Passengers They Asked To Move a Bit

In the Philippines, one of the easiest, most economical way of commuting is by riding the jeepney.  No wonder it is called the ‘king of thoroughfares’ for being able to bring thousands of people to their destinations every day. However, with the convenience that it brings, there can also be displeasing incidents that go with it.  And this story was among those.

A 17-year-old commuter, Grasya Cartagena, shared her experience on Facebook when another jeepney passenger slapped her using a slipper when she asked her to move a bit.

Photo : Grasya Cartagena/Facebook

According to Grasya who was with her friend that time, as passengers kept on riding the jeep, it was getting so tight that she asked the woman passenger to move so they can maximize the seat’s space.  But it seemed like the woman didn’t take her intention well; she suddenly slapped Grasya with a slipper which made her face swell.

Photo : Grasya Cartagena/Facebook

When Grasya’s friend took a video, the woman’s companion allegedly slapped her also and warned her to stop filming. Both Grasya and her friend acquired scratches and bruises on their faces. They were also threatened that the two will beat them the moment they alight from the jeep.

Photo : Grasya Cartegena/Facebook
Photo : Grasya Cartagena/Facebook
Photo : Grasya Cartagen/Facebook

The Facebook post has received various reactions from the netizens.  Some of them sided with Grasya and her friend while some of them defended the other passengers saying Grasya deserved to be slapped because she was somehow rude and she didn’t say her words in the right manner.

However, a netizen who claimed to be among the passengers when the incident happened named Issa Mhel, also said that it was just right that Grasya was beaten by the woman because of her mean attitude and pettiness.  She also said that Grasya should not ask for sympathy from other people because they don’t know exactly what happened.

Photo : Issa Mhel/Facebook

Do you think Grasya and her friend were victims on the incident or the two just got what they deserve for acting meanly?

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