Former Editor-in-Chief of Manila Standard Claims that ‘Yellows’ Offered Php2 Million to Kian’s Parents

Much has been said about the ***** of 17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos, with newspapers and blogs covering almost every angle of the story, not just about the supposed footage from a nearby CCTV showing him being dragged by the arresting cops but also every single angle about his life, how he wished for a bike before he died, how he had been a good kid, how his grave was prepared, and even the visit made by his parents at his grave days after he was buried.

Many netizens believe that the papers are using Kian’s ***** to make money while the hordes of anti-Duterte followers are also using it to pin the blame on the president. Many politicians who are vocally against Pres. Rodrigo Duterte went to Kian’s wake, offering their condolences and promising justice for the family.

Photo credit: Inquirer

Everyone expected the family to hate Duterte for Kian’s *****, much like what the anti-Duterte crowd feels. But instead of blaming the president, it seems that the family feels no hatred against him. Two days after Kian’s funeral, his parents met with the president upon the couple’s request. They were later photographed doing the fist sign with the president, showing that they had faith in him.

Photos of the meeting would quickly go viral, gaining mixed reactions from netizens.

As expected, pro-Duterte folks rejoiced, seeing the photo as a sign that Kian’s parents were solid supporters of the president who weren’t swayed by the anti-Duterte politicians and supporters who tried to woo them to their side.

But the post of Jojo A. Robles, a former editor-in-chief of Manila Standard Today, would soon create more buzz in the online community.

Screenshot from post by Jojo A. Robles / Facebook

P2 million. That was the offer of the Yellows to Kian’s parents.

Their first job was to join that anti-tyranny thingy launching yesterday, where they were to be paraded as Exhibits A and B.

They refused and went with PAO chief Acosta to Digong instead.

Yes, some people, though poor, can’t be bought.

Quote me.

He even dared anyone to quote him even he didn’t show any proof of his allegations!

The post, like the photo of Kian’s parents with Duterte, created different reactions from the community. Anti-Duterte folks called in fake news while Duterte supporters rejoiced over the development. Do you think this is just another fake news?

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