Former BPO Employee Reveals Unhealthy Habits of Call Center Agents that Can Lead to Chronic Kidney Disease

MANILA, Philippines- While working in the BPO industry guarantees employees a relatively higher and more stable income, the demands as well as the nature of the job can negatively affect its workers’ health. In fact, a call center agent has decided to come forward and reveal how certain habits of many agents can lead to chronic kidney disease (CKD), a condition in which the kidney gradually loses its function over time.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Buhay Call Center Agent

Recently diagnosed with CKD, the call center agent learned from her doctor that BPO employees are more susceptible to the disease because of their unhealthy lifestyle.

To warn other employees in the BPO industry, the agent enumerated the common habits of BPO workers that may lead to such condition.

The agent discouraged BPO employees from drinking beverages such as soft drinks, coffee, alcohol, energy drinks as well as supplements. Many BPO workers consume these in order to keep themselves awake particularly during graveyard shifts.

“Warning sana… Iwas na sa softdrinks,kape, alak, cobra and kung ano anong mga supplements.”

She also urged team leaders, supervisors and other members of the work force to allow agents to urinate whenever they feel the need to.

“Kapag naiihi kayo, wag nyo pigilan…. TL, MANAGERS, WORK FORCE, payagan nyo mga agents ninyo mag bio break.”

Furthermore, she advised team leaders to prioritize their agents’ health and allow them to take sick leaves.

“Tl, wag masyadong sugapa sa attendance…. Hindi lang “tabletang gamot” ang nakaka gamot sa sakit.”

Lastly, she encouraged BPO employees to prioritize their health so that they wouldn’t end up with such disease.

“Uu pards nung ako din, sabi ko ” may healthcard naman” ,

Yes mars, nasabi ko din yung ” lahat naman tayo mamatay” …,

Pero beshie, iba pala talaga pag nandun ka na sa situation….

Last Wed lang ako nadiagnosed. Akala ko simpleng ubo at sakit sa likod lang eh….”

Read her story.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Buhay Call Center Agent

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