8-Year-Old Kid Joins a College Calculus Class, Shocks the Students after Solving Professor’s Sample Problem

Calculus is one of the most difficult Math subjects that a lot of students would rather not encounter. Many had failed on this particular subject and had to retake the course but not everyone finds the subject difficult.

In fact, there’s this 8-year-old boy who shocked a college Calculus class when he joined their discussion and even solved the professor’s sample problem!

Photos of the kid in the Calculus class went viral after these were shared by Manong Sorbetero (handled: @PressArroyo) on his Twitter account.

At first, the students thought the boy was just the brother of one of their classmates but they were surprised when he got up and took a sample exam provided by the professor in front of the room.

Photo credit: Manong Sorbetero – Twitter / When in Manila

Several Twitter users couldn’t believe this was true, saying the boy was just trying to play a prank on the college students and was just making doodles on the page of the sample exam but Manong Sorbetero insisted that the kid was actually answering the examination and even gave the correct solution to the professor’s sample problem.

Amazing kid, isn’t he?

Photo credit: Manong Sorbetero – Twitter / When in Manila

After learning that this kid is a Math wizard whose name is Io, many of the other college students joked that they want to hire him as tutor – although we’re under the impression that most of those who made the joke were actually quite serious in wishing this kid could be their tutor!

Manong Sorbetero and his classmates might be getting lucky, though, because it was revealed that the kid had asked their professor if he could sit in class every Friday. They just might get tips from this genius lad to help them pass the course…

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