WATCH: Jollibee’s Viral “Perfect Pair” Ad Will Make You Believe in Love Again


Haven’t found your perfect pair yet? If you’ve given up on finding that perfect someone for you, perhaps Jollibee’s latest campaign might change your mind about love.

Once again, fast food giant Jollibee has sent netizens to tears with its latest viral video titled “Perfect Pair”. With the success of its Valentine campaign video titled “Vow”, Jollibee has decided to give a happy ending to the story of the heartbroken man who witnessed his best friend walk down the aisle and marry another man.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Jollibee

In the “Perfect Pair” video, the man is once again featured, but this time it also showed the story of another woman in his life- his other best friend.

PHOTO CREDIT: Facebook/Jollibee