Uneducated Jeepney Driver Offers Free Ride to Students Because He Doesn’t Know How to Count

Being a jeepney driver is no easy task but this becomes extra challenging if you easily get confused and if you don’t know how to count – something that one driver actually experiences every single day!

Can you believe there’s a jeepney driver who does not know how to count money? That’s the story of the driver who drives along the Alabang-Baclaran route on the jeepney with plate number DWX 706.

Mark Angelo Pascual shares the story of how he and his friend Lindy were riding the jeep when they noticed that the driver would return Php100 bills to his passengers, telling them they are ‘lucky’ they only have a big bill because they get to ride for free.

The students first assumed that the driver did not have smaller bills and coins to give as change but they were quite surprised when the old man paid a gas station Php200 in coins when he bought diesel!

Photo credit: Mark Angelo Pascual / Kaloka – Facebook

Confused but quite curious as to what was going on, the students asked the driver about it. The old driver admitted that he easily gets confused when passengers pay him in paper money, especially using bigger bills.

Because he does not know how to count as he was not able to go to school even in grade school or kindergarten, he just lets the passengers ride for free if they have no coins. Of course, he could always ask them to pay using smaller bills or in coins but he feels that it’s his fault he does not know how to count so he just lets these people ride for free.

The students were touched by the jeepney driver’s story and greatly admired the man for doing a decent job even if he does not know how to count.

The driver didn’t let them pay even if they insisted on doing so, as he told them to strive hard in their studies.

Photo credit: Mark Angelo Pascual / Kaloka – Facebook

As the story went viral on social media, a lot of netizens couldn’t help but admire the driver and wish that someone would have the heart to actually teach him how to count money. Others suggested that he should hire a conductor to do the transactions for him because he certainly loses a lot of money each time he gives free rides to passengers, all because he does not know how to count!