This Guy Submits Creative Resume to Crush, Gets Approval from Amused Netizens

When it comes to love, you sometimes have to be creative and unique to win your crush’s attention. In this day and age of technology where it is easy for people to meet online and tell each other how they feel, do guys still court their crushes in the traditional way?

Well, one guy showed that traditional courtship with a modern twist just might win his crush’s heart – but no matter her answer, he has already won the internet!

Photo credit: Viral4Real

Ian Christopher Sudiacal has a crush on his friend, Karla Mae Cantillan, for a very long time. Thinking that it was difficult to express his feelings and talk to her directly, he found a unique and creative way to do it by submitting a resume with a corresponding cover letter to ask if she would allow him to court her.

Photo credit: Viral4Real

While the resume showed information much like a regular resume you use in applying for a job, the details were something else. For example, it listed Sudiacal’s personal information such as birthday, citizenship, and marital status but the rest were pretty hilarious.

For motto in life, he wrote, “Sa Jollibee chicken nga, willing ako to wait, sa iyo pa kaya?