The World Goes Nuts Over Ryan Cayabyab’s “Da Coconut Nut” after US Men’s Choir Sings it in Emirates Flight

Screenshot from video by Marwan Alsherif - Emirates / Facebook

A lot of Filipinos love “Da Coconut Nut”, a song composed by Ryan Cayabyab and popularized by his singing group, the Smokey Mountain, back in the 1990s. But while the song has long departed from the airwaves and only gets ‘resurrected’ in old records and YouTube videos, it has recently made international entertainment headlines after being sung by a US men’s choir in their flight from Kenya to the US.

Emirates was so excited about the choir’s performance that the airline would post a video on their official Facebook page where it went viral, gaining close to 6 million views within just 24 hours after it was uploaded!

According to the post, about 75 members of Baylor University Men’s Choir were on board the Emirates flight from Kenya to the US. Mid-flight, the choir entertained the other passengers and crew with a joyful rendition of the Filipino classic – much to everyone’s delight!

Screenshot from video by Marwan Alsherif – Emirates / Facebook

The video was taken by Marwan Alsherif, with Emirates claiming the performance was the choir’s way of thanking the flight crew.

While a lot of people commented how ‘crazy’ it was for the choir to perform this mid-flight (following reports they did this in the middle of the flight), Emirates had candidly but clearly captioned the video, “Watch our passengers ‘go coconuts’ after flying Emirates.”

Someone also pointed out that the presence of some ground crew (wearing green neon vests) clearly shows this did not happen mid-flight but after the plane landed.

Check out this beautiful performance and have fun singing along with the choir’s jolly song: