Teacher Catches Poor Student Just Eating Junk Food with Rice, Finds Help from Generous Netizens

A teacher’s discovery of his student’s junk food lunch brought the child’s plight much attention from netizens, allowing the boy to receive much-needed financial assistance from kindhearted people.

Public school teacher Choniil Mascariñas narrated on Facebook how he was shocked to discover the boy’s meager lunch on his first day of eating his lunch at his new classroom assignment. He didn’t expect that the child would be eating junk food as viand, prompting the surprised teacher to interview the boy as to the reason why he would have that for lunch.

Photo credit: Choniil Mascariñas / Facebook

It was clear that the boy felt a bit embarrassed by the teacher’s questions but he honestly replied that Bida and Super Crunch are the only things he could afford for lunch with his Php3 ($0.06) allowance.

He just shrugged when asked why his family wouldn’t buy even dried fish for lunch, considering that might be a better option than junk food.

Photo credit: Choniil Mascariñas / Facebook

Mascariñas would later discover that the family’s main source of income was making and selling uling (charcoal), a livelihood that does not exactly bring a lot of money.

As Mascariñas’ post went viral on social media, a lot of netizens couldn’t help but sympathize with the young boy and admit that they had also experienced the same thing. But more importantly, there were those who were touched by the child’s situation that they sent money and groceries so the boy could experience better lunch even for just the next couple of days.

Photo credit: Choniil Mascariñas / Facebook

Other netizens tagged their friends and children, telling them to be thankful with their own lives and to not waste food because there are those who could barely eat lunch at all…