Talented Filipina OFW Starts to Build Her Name in Arab Showbiz Industry

Photo : Lara Patricio/Facebook

A rising Filipina OFW in Dubai is making a name for herself in the showbiz industry of Saudi Arabia.  As Filipinos have been known all over the world to have exemplary talent in different areas, it’s no longer surprising how this lady was able to penetrate the said industry.

Lara May Patricio from Davao City captivates the hearts of the viewers in her appearance in a top-rated Arab comedy series, “Selfie 3” shown via Pan-Arab MBC Network during Ramadan.

Patricia plays the role of “Monica,” a nanny who serves a very demanding family.  Joining her on the cast are TV star and Arab Got Talent’s judge, Nasser Al-Qasabi and known actors, Remas Mansoor, Tariq Al Harbi, Habeeb Al Habeeb and Abrar Alkhafaji.

Photo : Screenshot Lara Patricio/Facebook

Award-winning Iraqi director, Aws Al-Sharqi is the one directing the said show which is being aired in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and other parts of the Middle East.

I really enjoyed working with them.  We are just having fun on the set.  They’re so nice and I can’t believe I get the chance to work with famous people,” Patricio said.

Lara Patricio was discovered when she worked part-time serving coffee and tea to MBC Channel Staff and was given a minor role until she became a regular cast of the show.

Before, I used to work with celebrities as tea lady and now as a co-star,” she said. 

Photo: Screenshot Lara Patricio/Facebook

Because of her effective portrayal of the roles assigned to her, Patricio earns praises from the Filipino community and is commended for being talented which made fellow Filipinos proud of her.

Photo : Lara Patricio/Facebook

Lara Patricio is currently working as a lounge singer in a prominent hotel.