Sweet Grandpa Expresses Pride for Granddaughter, Frames the Money She Gave Him from Her First Paycheck

A sweet grandfather has touched the hearts of netizens after he framed the money his granddaughter gave him from her first paycheck. While it didn’t really seem to be much for his granddaughter, the money meant a lot for her grandfather – and he was ready to tell the whole world about it!

Celine Lopez shared a snapshot of the framed money which came together with two of her photos and a loving note that explained why he framed the actual bills he received from his granddaughter.

According to Celine, she had given her grandfather Php200 ($4) from the first paycheck she received from her internship at Colgate-Palmolive Philippines Inc. She didn’t think that the money was big but she was quite surprised when her grandfather happily showed her the frame the next time she visited her grandparents’ house!

Photo credit: Celine Lopez / When in Manila

When giving some of what I got to my lolo, I honestly had no idea it would make that much of an impact on him. I didn’t think too much about it really, doing what I did felt just like instinct, the least I could do to someone who’s given me so much,” she told When in Manila.

She also explained that back in the day when her parents were still struggling to support their family, her grandparents readily provided them with a loving, well-provided home. And even when they already had their own home, the older couple would readily go to their house to fix things or provide them with things they needed.

They continuously gave and gave unconditionally and without asking for anything in return,” she said.

Photo credit: Celine Lopez / When in Manila

So, what’s her take now that her story had gone viral?

“What I did wasn’t much but to my surprise, when I visited them again the next week my lolo showed me what he framed and my heart suddenly felt so full. What hit me even more was the look on his face when he was showing it to me, that look was worth way more than anything I could ever give him.

I tweeted that picture because I couldn’t contain my emotions and the reactions from people online definitely gave me the shock of my life. But honestly, the reaction my lolo had is all I really need.”

Isn’t this so sweet?