Shocked Owner Finds SUV with More Damage, Discovers Service Center Staff Used it for Driving Practice

Tong Santos, owner of a Toyota Fortuner, had brought his SUV to a service center to fix minor damage on his vehicle but it ended up with more damage when he went back to claim it! He would later discover that the service center staff had used it for driving practice!

According to Santos, his SUV was hit by a motorcycle; so, he brought it to Toyota Fairview in Quezon City, Metro Manila for repair. As this only involved minor repairs, he was told that he would get his vehicle back after 3 days.

But 2 weeks had passed and he still was not able to bring his SUV home. Upon checking at the service center, he was shocked to discover that instead of the vehicle getting close to being fixed, it actually had more damage now. There were scratches on the doors and across its body that were not there before.

Photo credit: Tong Santos / ABS-CBN News

As the car owner, he was sure those damages were not there when he brought the vehicle to the service center.

Told that they would have those damages fixed as well, Santos was ready to accept the casa’s explanation but he suddenly had a brilliant idea of checking the vehicle’s dash cam when he discovered that the vehicle’s fuel tank had gone from full to just half of the tank.

Photo credit: Tong Santos / ABS-CBN News

It angered Santos to discover that the casa staff had been abusing his vehicle. Playing the dash cam’s recorded footage showed that the service center staff had turned on the Fortuner’s air conditioning unit and radio while the doors and back were being painted.

What’s worse is that the vehicle was used by some of the staff for driving practice – and this led to the bumps and scratches on the vehicle.

An angry Santos complained about the matter and posted the dash cam footage on social media but while Toyota Motor Philippines would apologize and offer him a replacement, he said it was an insult because he would still be the one paying for the new vehicle as offered by the company.

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