Proud Daughter of Jeepney Driver Earns Praises From Netizens for Helping Father After School

If you were given a chance to live another life, would you still chose the family that you now have?

Nothing compares being in a family where there is unconditional love among its members despite the fact of not living a luxurious life that most people have dreamed of.

For one young student, she was so happy being in a family whose father she looks up to for being hard working and a good provider.  And to somehow pay him back for all the sacrifices that he did for them, she made a move that gained praises from netizens who witnessed how much she valued her father.

Photo : Mary Angeli Camzon/Facebook

Mary Angeli Camson shared on her Facebook account how proud she was for having a father who was a jeepney driver. Others might be ashamed of letting the world know that their fathers were driving every day in our thoroughfares as a means of livelihood butAngeli salutes her father for being able to provide for their family, more so his untiring support for the education of his children.

And to show her gratitude for her father’s backbreaking work, she helped him as a ‘barker’ whenever she comes home early from school thinking she would be able to make life a little easier for him since being a driver is not an easy job.

Photo : Mary Angeli Camzon/Facebook

Her pictures showed how happy she was for extending her help as she assured everyone that she will still opt having the same father if given another life as they were lucky for having him whom they considered a ‘hero’ behind the wheels.

Photo : Mary Angeli Camzon/Facebook

Were you inspired by her story? May all daughters be like her whose love for her family cannot be influenced by luxury or wealth.

Kudos to you, Angeli!

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