Pinoy Soldier Caring for Wounded Comrade Goes Viral, Earns Praise from Netizens

Countless soldiers have died or were wounded in the line of duty, as they fight for peace in the land. The same thing happens in the Philippines, especially at the current war zone in Marawi City.

Last July 4, several soldiers in a platoon of the 15th Scout Ranger Company were wounded, including platoon leader Second Lieutenant Rex Busilan. One of the soldiers died at the encounter, Private First Class Jethro Carlos.

Photo credit: Rex Busilan / Trending News Portal

Several were wounded in the encounter, including Private First Class Castillo and Private First Class Ybanez. With Castillo getting much better than Ybanez first, he would soon help his comrade at the hospital despite being confined there himself as well.

The sweet moment between friends was captured on camera by netizen Josephine Jaron Codilla who shared the photo on Facebook where it quickly went viral. A lot of netizens hoped that the two would get well soon and that they would be safe once they get back on duty.

Photo credit: Josephine Jaron Codilla / Trending News Portal

Others also hoped that the conflict in Mindanao will end so that our soldiers will no longer be in danger.

It is truly sad that many of our soldiers have died to protect the people from the likes of the Maute group, Abu Sayyaf, and other terrorist groups in the country but it is also sweet that stories like those shared by Codilla would show us that love and friendship still prevail over hate, even in the war zone.

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